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About Company

Dexo-globalfx is a revolutionary digital asset management company committed to earning passive income with cryptocurrency trading by facilitating cryptocurrency trading strategies. We leverage advanced technologies and deep market knowledge to help our clients multiply their assets and attain maximum return on investment.

In addition our rewarding investment plans, we offer a satisfying referral program. The Dexo-globalfx referral program is designed to give a chance to build their network fo our users. You earn when your referrals make investment, creating a beneficial ripple effect that extends across our network. Our tiered system offers a 5% commission for direct referrals, followed by a 2% for second-tier referrals, and 1% for third-tier referrals.


To be a successful investment firm through the application of the highest professional standards, drawing on our investment experience and adhering to our Islamic values.

Our Goal

To provide our investors with sound investment advice, drawing on the strength of our experience and knowledge, while keeping abreast of the latest financial sector developments.

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Our advantages

Who We Are

Dexo-globalfx Investment Center is a cyprus based investment company .We are into Real estate, Crypto mining, trading and investment with one of the largest sources of detailed investment goals and compliance with statutory regulations in the UK, we provide financial and investments advice and drives behind helping people achieve financial stability .We help our investors drive their businesses forward by maximizing profits through Cryptocurrency. Our investors have access to World class services delivery they can reasonably afford. With years of experience and professional traders ,miners,and administrative efficiency using artificial intelligence in maximizing trades and profits. Our Investment plans is among the best and our investors trust us to help them compete in an increasingly challenging marketplace. But it’s also the personal relationships we establish with our investors that make our business what it is and the main reasons why they enjoy investing with us.


Dexo-globalfx is a global Cryptocurrency company businesses analytics, farming and technology company offering various programs to stall poverty, We believe knowledge drives progress. We have a unique signal, analytics, and technology with a passion for serving investors globally,creating insights for future investments. Profitably managing your investment portfolio is a passion, and we deliver again and again.

Affiliate Program

At Dexo-globalfx, every investor not only contributes to their own wealth but also has the opportunity to boost the financial success of others. Join our affiliate program today and turn your social connections into a lucrative investment portfolio.

Our Affiliate Program opens up a world of unlimited earning potential simply by inviting others to join the Dexo-globalfx investment community. This program offers a lifetime commission based on the value of each deposit or reinvestment made by individuals across our referral network.
Your earnings are based on a tiered system, with a 10% commission on direct referrals the more opportunities you have to earn.

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Select an investment plan based on your desired investment amount. Choose from any of our 9 available payment methods for your convenience.

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Reap the benefits of your investments and withdraw your profits whenever you wish. You also have the option to reinvest your earnings.

Our advantages

Low cost & Transparency

With us, what you see is what you get. We give you the same spreads we get from our LPs, our commissions are fixed at $1/100,000 across all instruments, and you can enjoy zero cost funding.

Clients Come First

We're here to support you throughout your trading journey with us, providing you with 24/5 live chat support and letting you set the pace of our relationship in line with your needs.

Safety of Funds

Client funds are kept in segregated accounts away from company funds, and cannot be used by Dexo-globalfx.


When it comes to technology, whether related to execution speed, liquidity aggregation, low VPS latency, ultra-tight spreads, multiple platforms, auto-trading options or various trading tools, we bring you the most cutting edge solutions.

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